Overseas Internship

Welcome to Internship Programs in China!

Welcome to the 2016  Internship Program, designed to provide US students with an opportunity to learn about major departments in education.

Interns are able to delve into the day-to-day operation of education in China, and are also exposed to a host of other opportunities that we provide to make for a well-rounded experience.

We’ve combined real-world work experience, networking opportunities and Chinese language and culture, to give our interns the knowledge and tools to launch their careers in the future.

 Beijing Royal School    Internship Requirements
 Maple Leaf Educational Systems    Internship Requirements
 Beijing Phinnie Education Group    Internship Requirements
 Dongshan Recruitment Program    Internship Requirements
 Shuanglin Recruitment Program    Internship Requirements
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 Shuang Liu vocational school    Internship Requirements
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