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Shuang Liu vocational school

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2017-5-4 9:22:46

Shuang Liu vocational school

Position : Intern Assistant

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location : Cheng Du city


The school is a vocational technical institute aims to develop more technicists in china . The teaching ages are 15-17 years old . The school offers advanced teaching facilities and flexible teaching environment .


We provide students internship position for which the student intern shall practice teaching in our school. What the intern assistant should do is to deliver lessons to the Chinese students, make teaching plans, take part in the school’s activities such as English corner, or the school’s research activities.

Meanwhile, we provide courses for Chinese culture learning, TEFL training, and teaching training, etc. for the inter teacher to learn and experience more in China.

Working hours: The hours are Monday -Friday ,no office hours, work load is 45-50 minutes per class, about 20 classes per week.




Native speakers or non natives without or little accent;

Good understanding and respect to Chinese culture;

No requirement for degree;

2 years teaching experience is preferable.




Internship program (including mandarin learning, Chinese culture and history or TELF-in-China course, etc.);

Airfare allowance provided after a one year programme and fulfill the contract term;

Free accommodation or monthly accommodation allowance;

Hospitalization insurance and accident insurance (choose one of them); 


Our website: 
You are always welcomed to apply for our position or recommend other candidates to us.


Address: 10-A Guodong Guangchang NO.52 Jindun Road, Chengdu-Sichuan 610000 P.R.China   


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