国际公关 策划人 音乐人 民间外交大使



2013年为更好增进中西文化交流,融促世界和平,与马克力文组成跨国界,跨文化,跨时代的音乐组合“In Side Out 秀外慧中

2015年获得全球妇女WOW奖(Wonderful Outstanding Woman)最佳创意奖。导演并主演East Meets West当东方遇上西方讲唱会





International PR, planner, musician and non-official ambassador

Fu Han has been working as Mark Levine’s agent since 2008, presenting the world a real China by telling Chinese stories in the form of American country music.

She was invited to attend the state banquet of celebrating 60th anniversary of the establishment of New China in the Great Hall of the People in 2009.

In 2013, Fu Han together with Mark Levine formed a multinational, multi-cultural and cross-era band called “In Side Out”, which aimed to promote the world peace as well as the communication between Chinese and western cultures.

Fu Han won the Best Creative Award of global Wonderful Outstanding Woman in 2015. The same year, she directed and played the lead role in East Meets West.

She composed a large-scale stage play named “Dialogue with Marco Polo”, which received the second-round review of the China National Arts Fund (CNAF).

Fu Han is the CEO of In Side Out Beijing Cultural Communication Co.. She is proficient in dealing with international relations in large-scale international activities. The international activities that she has ever participated in planning and organizing include Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, Zhuhai Airshow, Zhengzhou Airshow and others.