他的专著Stories from My Chinese Journey《我的中国故事》蜚声海外



Mark Levine is an American country musician, PhD in sociology, author and professor.

He won the Special Award in the Zhangjiajie International Country Music Festival, and was regarded as “The Father of Contemporary Country Music in China”.

As a talented musician, he tells Chinese stories in the form of American country music, and has composed more than 70 songs about China.

He and his songs made great contribution to propagating the influence of China and promoting Sino-Western cultural exchange.

He was awarded 2011-2013 “The Great Wall Friendship Award” by the Beijing Municipal Government, and was called “folk hero” by the Global Times.  

He was also awarded the Chinese government “Friendship Award”-the highest honor for Foreign experts.

He was invited to attend the Chinese National Day state banquet in 2014.

His monograph Stories from My Chinese Journey wins great renown in oversees countries.

He is the first foreign musician to perform for the honor guard of the Chinese army, air force and navy.